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If you go to bed with eight hours until waking up, you likely won’t be sleeping for the entirety of that eight hours. Many people go through the frustration of having to toss and turn each night as they wait impatiently to fall asleep.

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Hence, they may have gotten into bed at around 10 pm, but actually fall asleep a few hours later. In order to ensure that one can fall asleep faster, a few important tactics have to be implemented.

One of the most useful tactics that have been shown to be effective in inducing sleep quicker in bed is to stop using all screens at least one hour before going to bed. Lots of studies have shown that the lights that are used within phones, televisions, and computers are able to stimulate chemical productions within the brain which stimulate wakefulness. Hence, it is understandable that looking at screens right before going to bed is counterproductive when wanting to fall asleep as quickly as possible.

Many people suggest that avoiding screens for an hour or so before they jump into bed has allowed them to fall asleep much quicker than before. By being in a darkened room for an hour or so before sleeping, one can ensure that when they go into bed, they will be able to fall asleep very quickly.

The body likes to be gradually coerced into sleeping, thus by staring at a strongly lit screen to immediately going into a dark room for sleep; it’s understandable that the body won’t be able to fall asleep quickly. Lots of people that have implemented this tactic have been able to see tremendous improvements in how quickly they can sleep from the first day that they try it.

Another type of tactic that allows for sleeping quickly is to ensure that the bed is only used for sleeping. These days, many people like to use their beds as a couch. Often times, they will play on their phone or use their laptops while in bed. This usually makes it much more difficult for them to properly sleep in their beds as their body has subconsciously related wakefulness and productivity with being in bed. If the body is able to associate the fact that being in bed is to be used purely for sleep, then it will be much easier for it to fall asleep while in bed.

Thus, those that like to use their beds to go through their phones or do work on their laptops should seek to do it elsewhere to ensure that their body understands that the bed is a sacred place for sleep and rest, not stimulation.

Just like with the other tactic discussed in this Big Fig article, many people that start to use their phones and other gadgets outside of their bed will notice a drastic improvement in their ability to go to bed from the first day that they use the tactic. Hence, it’s quite easy to see that by making the bed a place only for sleep, falling asleep quicker can be achieved.